Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Two weeks ago I finished reading the Twilight Saga, by Stephanie Meyer for the second time. I finished it the first time in 10 days. Yes, all four books in 10 days. That was during the aftermath of Hurricane Ike when we didn't have power for 17 days! I read by flashlight. 

After I finished the books I thought, "Well, what am I gonna read now?"  I opened up Twilight to read for the third time. It was like turning into the arms of your best and favourite lover. 

I don't quite know what it is about this story that has me, and millions of others, hooked. Edward does have a sort of "Darcian" quality about him. Bella is ok. I think that the atmosphere of the story draws you in and you feel comfortable in it. 

I am of the Anne Rice school of vampires. I've always imagined them her way. The depth of Lestat and the Children of the Millennia hold my attention. I think that Anne Rice delved as deeply and fully into their histories that one would be satisfied in knowing all about their vampiric lives.

Stephanie Meyer, on the other hand, has much more story to tell. You know this by what is left untold. Such as, Alice's story about what she found out about herself as Bella was convalescing and the introduction of all of the other vampires in the fourth book. I hope that some day she will go back to those characters and really flesh them out into more stories. Now THOSE would be fun to read.