Monday, November 27, 2006

Checks, Do People Still Write Checks?

You know, I was thinking about this today. I was watching a commercial and a bank was offering free checks. Are there still people in this day and age of electronic transfer "everything" that still use checks as a form of payment?

We haven't written checks regularly for about two years. Other than the occasional check to the tax accessor-collector, everybody else gets paid on-line. For us writing a check is a bigger pain, because not every business cashes the check right away, so it can potentially mess up your finances if you aren't careful.

I suppose that writing the check will make us have to be more responsible. For me, knowing that the money is gone from the second you press the enter button on the keypad makes the rapid disappearance of the money just that much more permanent.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Looking at Books

I just went through the majority of the boy's books, and some of my own, to check for Accelerated Reader availability. Yea! We have quite a few, so the boy can start right here at home with his own library of books and get those AR points added up.

The kinders have to get 4 points in a 9 week period, which adds up to about a book a week. Awesome! I'm so looking forward to this! He is too. He wants me to put blue dots on his AR books at home so they will be like the books from the school library.

One of the really neat things about this program is that once the kids have read a book and taken the test, they can no longer take that test again, so this encourages them to read on instead of staying with the same book. Also, it tracks their reading level. So exciting!