Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Recent Events

There have been some comparisons of the Flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami that wiped out 100,000 Asians, by our politicians.

You can not compare the two. We Americans also don't have to shit on ourselves and rub it all over our bodies as a form of self deprecation to prove that we feel for those people who are in tragedy when folks from other countries bitch about America!

Sure I feel bad for these people and I felt bad for the Tsunami people too. I just don't think that we have to jump on the "piss all over Americans" bandwagon to feel sorry for these people.

I know that our country is far from perfect, but remember that your (those of you who are from America) tax dollars are going in for the relief efforts to every frickin country we sign up to help.

Do we actually get anyone else to help us back? Nope. We just get shit thrown at us by other nationalities, insults and bullshit, that's what we get back. And then our own bleedingheart liberals say that our country deserves all that we get.

Sure, every person in the Towers got what they deserved didn't they and all those people on the planes and those who were blown up in all the other terrorists bombings, yeah, they ALL got what they deserved. Fuckin Bastards!

Where is your Patriotic Pride? If America is so bad, then why do SO many people from ALL OVER THE WORLD WANT TO LIVE HERE!!!???

Fellow Americans: STOP TALKING TRASH ABOUT YOUR HOMELAND. You better be glad that our soldiers fought for our freedoms, because your butts would be in jail right now for treason!! Chew on that for a while.

New Voice Students! Yea!!!

Yesterday I had my first lesson with my new vocal student. She is 16 and homeschooled by her mom who was at the lesson as well. As soon as I opened the door, I saw that she was kind of hiding/standing behind her mom. When her mom stepped in I saw her shirt. It was black with white writing which stated "spear Brittney". I thought it was hilarious and broke the ice by telling her that I liked her shirt. She seemed to like that.

She has a slightly "goth" look to her, dyed black hair with a haircut that can be played down (like yesterday) or punked up in a mohawk. She's tall and slender with pale skin and rosey cheeks, such a beautiful young lady. Her mom was really nice and friendly. As i was getting to know her, I mentioned that I blog and her mom said that J (the daughter) likes to blog as well. Maybe that can be a starting point for common ground. It makes it easier with teens if they feel they can talk to you about stuff.

The lesson went well. She has a nice tone to her voice. She was exceedingly nervous yesterday which made it hard for her to sing. I get that. I finally got her to sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and even though she was nervous, she did well and I complimented her on her tone which helped. Once she gets comfortable with me, I'm sure we will be able to get some real work going.

She had been taking voice for a year, but her teacher moved too far away to continue the lessons (lucky me!). She also plays piano and is learning guitar. She wants to major in music when she goes to college. So far, I'd say she's got a pretty good start.

Today I have a lady from our church coming for her lesson. I'm looking forward to that too. She has specific things she wants to work on, so that's good for me to know what they want out of the lessons, so I can better prepare.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yes. We are Cyborg...

Digital Robotic Entity Assembled for Mathematics and Efficient Repair

Monday, August 29, 2005

New Blog!

Hey I have a new blog in addition to this one. It is "The Weird Little Blog That Could". I haven't gotten wierd on it yet, but soon. must clean house first. baaaaah......

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sex Survey by Trivial Tiffairs

Hey guys. This is not my normal thing, but Trivial Tiffairs is conducting a sex survey and needs participants. It's all above board and if you don't want to respond on the blog, you can e-mail her and she will keep the results of your survey private. Give a girl some help and respond to the survey and if you don't mind, some of you who have heavily trafficked blogs, give the girl a shout out. Thanks, m.

Tonight, Tonight

Hello Fellow Bloggerinians!

Well, this week Dave started school to work on his English degree at UofH. He's taking American Literature, Poetry, U.S. History and U.S. Government. He is confident that he will do well. So am I!

So today we went to Sunday school, per usual Sunday activity, and realized that for our Second Service we were having an Eritrean Lutheran Lay Pastor installed to be a pastor to our fellow Eritrean congregation that uses our church's facilities. They are like our adoptive(for lack of a better word) congregation. I have met a few from the congregation and they are a beautiful lovely people. The service was done in English and the native Eritrean tongue which is much like Hebrew and Arimaic<--- the language Jesus spoke. And to give praise to the Father some of the Eritreans gave out Hallells(sp). They are like the "lalalalallalllalallalallall's" you hear when the news shows the people in the middle east cheering. It's like saying Hallelujah, but getting stuck on repete with the "llel" part. It sent wonderful chills through me. You could really feel the Holy Spirit moving through the church today. It was most uplifting! Glory be to the Father!!

Today they invited the whole Pilgrim Lutheran Congregation to join them in their celebration of finally having a pastor for their special services. They cooked traditional Eritrean food and we had the option of eating it the way they do, with their hands only. It was fun and the food was tasty. I was suprised that even our picky eater ate quite well. It didn't hurt that he was sitting next to Ruth Ann who is an adventurous eater. Her mother lived in Tai Pei for a while on mission, so the kids are used to food other than the regular American faire, although they do get that too.

It was a wonderful day. We went to see Dave's folks for a couple of hours and had a really nice visit. Then we came home so Dave could study. Owen was "bothering" daddy, so I told him to pick out a movie to watch on the computer. He picked out Annie.

I had forgotten how good that movie was. Owen enjoyed it too. We just turned off the lights in the office and cuddled on the futon and watched the movie. It was a nice moment. Then we put him to bed. Life is great when you have days like today.

Also, I picked up 2 voice students this week and they start on Tuesday & Wednesday!! Gives me Monday to clean the house thoroughly!! Ugggh! Oh well, needed to be done anyway. I've been slacking this summer. I'm hoping to get my third student in the next few weeks. I've heard him sing and he's got a nice voice. He's just the right age, 7. So hopefully I'll get a few more students and then life will be extra peachy!!!

Love to you all! m.

BTW: Did anybody get my movie referrence from the title of my post????? hmmmm????

Friday, August 26, 2005

Evidently, I'm pretty smart

Bill Gates!
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Link: The weird shit IQ test Test written by agnosticwithin on Ok Cupid

My Happy List

Of course this was stolen from Martha!! It's nice to have happy, cheerful people around!!!

These are the things that are currently helping me to be a happy gal!

Choir ~ Just started last night!
Owie & Dave
the sound of Dave's little beep, beep of his scooter, he's home!!
Watching the boy jump up and down with excitement that Daddy is home.
Time away from home visiting friends.
Time at home comforted by my family.
Parents in Laws ~ strangely enough, I love them to death!
My blogging family!!! I love all of you so very much and miss you when you are not around.
the other Mammas
cool breezes ~ looking forward to those!
playing d&d with my friends.
seeing their kids and mine getting along!
a clean kitchen sink.
a mowed lawn and the smell of fresh cut grass!
Rainy skies
Sunshine on the water, sparkling on the rippling flowing river or ocean.
my family.
Albert the cat.
Good movies

I guess that's all for now...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blog Spam in Comments

Well it seems that even blogs are no longer immune to spammers. They spew some of the most disgusting and annoying stuff out there in the interweb. So with that in mind, I too have enabled the word verification button. Hope you do not find this too inconvenient, but I'd much rather type in few letters than be directed to a porn site.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Well, I'm kind of on the count down for the next HP flick. Owen and I will be in LA during opening weekend. Which means that I won't be able to see it until I get back.

The trailer looks so good and the kids are looking so grown, which is perfect for their characters. Honestly, I can not wait to sse how Michael Newell does at the helm of such a popular franchise. His
Mona Lisa Smiles was pretty enough. I guess I'd have to see more of his movies to have a true opinion of his work.

Anyway, I'm really excited to see Goblet. I must be. I'm gushing in August and the film doesn't open until November!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Horned Moth

Horned Moth
Originally uploaded by MHN for short.
This was a giant moth that I saw on the side of a house that our friend Dave was showing to a prospective buyer. It is a horned moth. Perfect for Austin since the University of Texas's mascot is a Longhorn Bovine!

Austin Texas is Where We Went!!!

We were off to see the wizard, but ended up at our favourite Texas haunt!! Austin! It doesn't hurt that our good mate Dave T. lives there!!!
Captain Dave!

So Friday night we get into town & the Neumann's are starving! We head down to 6th Street (Party District!) and have dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse, mmmm, tasty! We walked around all night and took in the sights. Unfortunately, I left my camera in our car and DaveT. was driving us so no pics of that night, but I did go back and take some pics of it during the daytime.
6th Street

River City Tattoo
This is where we met some young ladies who were in town for their first big weekend at college. One was trying to decide if she should get a tattoo, but was afraid of the folks. Her friend showed blatant disrespect for her own parents, and told her friend to"fuck your parents & get it anyway!" Y'all would have been proud. I held my tongue eventhough my head was SCREAMING:"BLATANT DISRESPECT FOR PARENTAL AUTHORITY!!!!" over and over in my head. I just smiled and nodded while "My Mate Dave" was fuming. You could almost see the steam coming out of his ears!! It was funny because the rude girl started ragging on some Christians who were passing out tracks down on the street and she was making fun of them. Right after, the other girl asked me if I was going to get a tattoo. I told her not tonight, but soon, the rude girl asked "Oh? What are you going to get?" I told her. "A Butterfly, for my Faith." Her face dropped to the floor and she had to pick it up. It was priceless.

Later in the shop, after I looked at the butterfly designs, a lady was getting a tatt so I asked her if I could watch. It was really cool, the process. I got to ask questions of the artist and the customer. Now I really feel more informed about the whole process. I've even picked out which design I want. I'll be going to River City Tattoos, in Austin, TX. to get my first tattoo. This of course implies that there will be another after the first...

On Saturday Dave took us with him to look at some houses. He's a Keller Williams Real Estate Agent. We checked our Morrison Homes and some others. Morrison was the best by far and away! The Perdinales floor plan was our favourite! I have found my dream home! Later while we were leaving, he (my mate Dave) got a call from a young couple who were looking for a house and wanted to meet him at a particular house, so we went with. That was the house where I saw the giant horned moth.
Horned Moth
The house was really nice and had a great vibe! I hope those kids get it. I think it would suit them well.

Dave T. was wheelin' and dealin' all weekend. It was really great to see that he's doing so well with his business. David & I were discussing the fact that we wished that our real estate agent would have spent that much time with us. We'd have gotten a MUCH better house. Oh well.

Later that evening, around 5pm we headed out to Lake Travis.
Lake Travis, Austin, TX.
This lake is 60 miles long. I knew it was big, but I had no idea! We had a blast!!!

Here are some pics...

Thoresen's boat
Dave's boat at the ramp.

Putting the boat in the water 2
Put 'er in the water! btw: my Dave fell in just before that. I couldn't help but laugh. Mean wifey.....

Lake House
Here's a house on the lake hillside. Not one of the bigger ones either...

Sail Boats
Lots of sailboats out today!

Really nice boat
This was a really nice boat. Lots of pretty wood and paint.

My Dave!
That's one happy, satisfied man! Just look at that smile!!

Boat that almost ran us over
Notice how close this boat is in relationship to my David. The wife is all wavy, wavy and meanwhile her husband is about to run right on over the top of our boat. I told Dave T., "He's not gonna move. He's about to hit us! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" It was too close for me. I almost made a puddle!!

Sail boat 3
Here's another lovely sail boat.

And Our Mate Dave!!!
My Mate Dave!

Here's my man. Gonna try to ski.
David gonna ski

Little grainy.
In the water

That was pretty much it for the lake. Dave never got up totally, but then it was only the third time he'd ever been on skis. I wanted to take some pics of Hippy Hollow, but it was too dark. Perhaps next time... maybe by that time the the Oasis will be back in the full swing of things!! Great place to go if you are ever in the Austin area. :-)

Sunday we went to lunch at Threadgill's.
Threadgill's outside

Inside Threadgill's
Threadgill's is a must for me when we go to Austin.
Their Fried Green Tomatoes are to die for! mmmmmmmmm!
Fried Green Tomatoes!! Before
Fried Green Tomatoes!! After
about 5 minutes after with all three of us chowin' down!! The sauce there is a Chipotle Ranch. Very nice!!

Here is a typical southern meal. Chicken Fried Steak with Cream Gravy, FF, and my fav...Broccoli Rice Casserole! Deelish!!!
Typical Southern Dinner
Thoresen (Our mate Dave) had CFS like mine, but with mashed potatoes and Steamed Broccoli. He's trying to watch the cholesterol. :-)

Dave had Turkey and Dressin' (not dress"ing") with Buttered Beans, San Antonio Squash! He liked it. :-p
Another typical southern dinner

House wine of the South....
House Wine o' the South
Sweet, iced Tea!!!! nothing better in the whole world!

This is a picture of our Capital Building taken on Congress Ave. It is either 7 or 11 feet taller than our nations capital. There is a statue of a woman holding up a Lone Star on the top of the dome. This is what makes our building taller. You know, everything is bigger in TEXAS!!
Capital Viewed From Congress Ave. Austin, TX.

Here's a closer, but crooked picture. You can almost see the 6 flags of the nations that once ruled over our great land. If we wanted to, we could secede and become our own country. I don't think it's a good idea, but the option is there...
Capital Building of Texas

That was pretty much it for this trip to Austin. We went to pick up the boy at Shannon's and had a nice visit and dinner with them.

This was what greeted me when I got home...
First Bloom
The first bloom from my new climbing rose bush. So pretty...

Dancing on the Mountain

I liked this one, so I thought I'd share. Love to you all!! m.

Dancing on the Mountain - August 23, 2005

"You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands." Isaiah 55:12

"The trees of the field will clap their hands". I like that song from the psalms, but have always thought the words were sort of stupid. Until that day on the top of the mountain, on a grassy plateau overlooking valleys, mountain peaks, and somewhere down there- rivers and towns. The alpine meadow was strewn with wildflowers and blanketed with patches of purple lupine, yellow and orange paintbrush, and ivory milkweed.

Reminiscent of the Sermon on the Mount and the Beattitudes, we were sitting around listening to a man teach. That's when I noticed that the tall grass was dancing and waving in the breeze, and the blue spruce was swaying with its branches moving and "clapping".

The pastor waved his arm widely, and said, "If God can do all this (panorama) with dirt, think of what He can do with us."

Yes, think!

Contributed by Sally I. Kennedy

Monday, August 22, 2005

What Is Your "Mantra" in Song?

I have two songs that epitimize me and my general thoughts of the world.

They are:
I Just Wanna Get Along by The Breeders
We were rich once
Before your head exploded
Imagine doing just what the Big Bang did

The whole world
Knew it was loaded
Wave bye-bye 'cause it ain't ever coming down now

I just wanna get along
I just wanna get along
I just wanna get along

I look up
The heads fly over
I see a boy I know: his hair's on fire

The whole world i discovered
If you're so special why aren't you dead

I just wanna get along (This is my mantra from this song.)
I just wanna get along
I just wanna get along

Wave bye-bye 'cause it ain't never coming down

I just wanna get along
I just wanna get along
I just wanna get along

Jesus Freak by DC Talk
[what will people think
When they hear that i'm a jesus freak?
What will people do
When they find that's it's true?]

Separated, i cut myself clean
From a past that comes back in my darkest of dreams
Been apprehended by a spiritual force
And a grace that replaced all the me i've divorced

I saw a man with tat on his big fat belly
It wiggled around like marmalade jelly
It took me a while to catch what it said
Cause i had to match the rhythm
Of his belly with my head
'jesus saves' is what it raved in a typical tattoo green
He stood on a box in the middle of the city
And claimed he had a dream

What will people think
When they hear that i'm a jesus freak
What will people do when they find that it's true
I don't really care if they label me a jesus freak
There ain't no disguising the truth

Kamikaze, my death is gain
I've been marked by my maker
A peculiar display
The high and lofty, they see me as weak
Cause i won't live and die for the power they seek

There was a man from the desert with naps in his head
The sand that he walked was also his bed
The words that he spoke made the people assume
There wasn't too much left in the upper room
With skins on his back and hair on his face
They thought he was strange by the locusts he ate
The pharisees tripped when they heard him speak
Until the king took the head of this jesus freak

(repeat chorus 2x)

People say i'm strange, does it make me a stranger
That my best friend was born in a manger
People say i'm strange, does it make me a stranger
That my best friend was born in a manger

(repeat chorus 2x)

What will people think
[what will people think]
What will people do
[what will people do]
I don't really care
[what else can i say]
There ain't no disguising the truth
[jesus is the way]

So. What are yours?

This is the Pits!

When we were leaving Austin, I asked Dave to take us back down to the 6 Street area so I could get some pics. While we were traveling down S. Lamar we saw smoke. When we got there we saw what looked like a fire in the kitchen of the Spaghetti Warehouse where we had had dinner two nights previously. What it was, was a fire at one of the Microbrewery's just off of 6th Street. That is the pits. You can read the article here and see what we saw as we were heading out of town. That's a shame for these people...

What Kind Of...

Myrna Loy
You scored 19 grit, 28 wit, 28 flair, and 42 class!

You are class itself, the calm, confident "perfect woman." Men turn and
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Your screen partners include William Powell and Cary Grant, you little
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Link: The Classic Dames Test written by gidgetgoes on OkCupid Free Online Dating

Always knew I was a classy dame!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Before I Go....

Fellow Bloggerinians~

Before I sign off for the weekend, I would like to direct you to the Angry Chimp's blog. He has put together a nice set of colaborative posts with a decidedly Chimpish flare. Go check it out. It will make your day!!! Love to you all, m.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Haunting...

This is the true tale of what a 10 year old girl saw and her seventeen year old sister heard.

My mother's house was built in 1910 on the site where the previous house that was there had caught fire. The owner of that house was a city official. He was a very big man, both height and girth. He had a wife and a servant. The wife was beautiful and tall, kind of willowy with long thick wavy blonde hair that hung down past her shoulders. His servant was very tall with grey hair, slicked back and wore a three piece morning suit. His quarters were in the front bedroom and there was a separate door leading to the front porch.

This house had two bedrooms and one bathroom. It was a little more than 2000 square feet and had a carriage house with the property that were later turned into garage apartments. The builders used salvaged wood from the previous house in the construction of the house that is still there today. We called it "The Third Street House", because it was located on Third street. Our other house was the "Nichols House". It was located on Nichols street, very Anne Rice of us. Who would have thought that it would have turned out like one of her stories...

My mother bought this house from a friend of hers for rental property. Also, she and Dad had separated, so she needed a place to live. Nine to eleven months later mom and dad reconciled and we all moved into the Third Street House. My sister Kathey, Dad, Mom and I all lived in this house.

It still had the original wallpaper on the walls and ceiling. After 60 some years and more than several renters you can imagine that the wall paper was in pretty bad shape. The house was sturdy and sound. It had survived several hurricanes and many storms and lots of history.

The rooms were few but very big. The windows were 6 feet high from were they started, about a foot from the floor. There were large windows, four in everyroom except the bathroom, kitchen and dining room. The ceilings were ten feet tall and there was a ceiling fan in every room. There was no central air and heating, just window air conditioners and gas space heaters. It was a drafty old house.

You couldn't really get totally warm in the house back then, no insulation. The wall paper was really thin and hanging off the wall in some places where the old paste had ceased to hold it to the wall. If you held your head just right, you could see the outside through the wall of the house, particularly in the front bedroom. During the winter you could see the wall paper move back and forth as if the walls were breathing. This front bedroom was Kathey's and my bedroom.

We had lived in the house for about a year or more when the next door neighbor was being moved to a retirement home in town and her kids wanted to sell the house. They told us that if we wanted something from the yard, that we were welcome to it. Mom saw a statue of a huntsman that she fancied, so she brought it into the house.

The statue was made of concrete and was 12 inches high. The huntsman had his hands at his side with a bag at his feet and an axe in his left hand. He wore an old fashioned looking cloak with a hood gathered behind his head. It's place was up against the door frame in the bathroom that led into the hall that led to my room, the old butler's quarters.

So mom had the statue in the bathroom for a week or two, everything was going as usual when one morning I walked into the bathroom and noticed that the huntsman was not up against the door frame. I didn't think anything about it and moved it back. That went on for a few weeks off and on. I would come into the bathroom for my morning rituals and have to move the thing back in it's place.

Meanwhile, I started to be scared in the house. I had to have the lights on in the rooms and hall before I entered them. Kathey thought she was hearing things, footsteps heavy and low. Those occurrences were happening more often and had been going on for a few months. We just thought that our imaginations were working overtime and went on with our lives as usual.

The statue kept having to be moved back to it's spot, but now it wasn't just an inch ot two away from the wall, it was a foot or so away every morning. The noises were getting more pronounced as well. One night I saw a very large gentleman standing in the hall. He was tall and rotund and wore a very expensive looking brown suit. He was just there then gone. There was also an occurrence in the downstairs apartment.

We had some renters that had a niece my same age. I stayed with them one night and when I went over, I saw the apartment as it had been in the early 1900's , the carriage house and saw a woman hanging from the rafters. She was dressed in a long flowing night gown and had long wavy blonde hair. She was dead. That frightened me greatly.

I seem to remember that we procured the huntsman while it was winter, it was still cold outside. In the spring, my mom and dad went to Austin to see a close friend. When they left all hell broke loose.

Mom and Dad were already in Austin when Kathey picked me up from school. That night Kath and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Mom had left Kath some money so she didn't have to cook, she wasn't known for her cooking... Anyway, we came back home watched some tv and went to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night needing to use the bathroom. When I opened my eyes I saw a very tall slender man standing at the end of my bed looking at a bed that was not supposed to be there. I quickly hid my head under the covers. I could hear Kathey yelling at someone.

I laid there for a while, but still having to use the toilet I got out of bed. I walked down the hall about ten steps to the bathroom. The door was closed. I opened the door and flipped on the light. I looked down at the huntsman and saw that his axe hand was up and he brought the axe about an inch from my toe. I screamed and ran to find Kathey.

I could hear her in the dining room yelling, "I KNOW YOU ARE HERE! GET OUT OR SHOW YOURSELF!!" She was hearing footsteps going back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room and back.
"Michelle! Go back to bed and stay there until I get you!"
"Kathey! I saw a man in our room!"
"Go Back!"
I ran back to my bed and hid under the covers. I could hear Kathey battling with the spirits, "IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, GEEEETTT OOOUUUTT!!!!"

It all stopped.

Kathey got me out of the house and we slept in the Dairy Queen parking lot in her car and didn't go back to the house until morning.

Meanwhile in Austin, mom had a really bad feeling that something was happening at home. She told us later that she woke up around 2 am and was looking for the phone. Her friend re-arranged her house pretty often, so mom couldn't find the phone. She was searching for it when she tripped on some stairs. She said that she tried to get up but it felt like someone was holding her down. She said that it lasted for about 15-20 minutes. She tried and tried, but couldn't get up. Then she said that all of a sudden it was as if a weight had been lifted off of her. She found the phone and called, but we weren't home. They came home early the next morning.

We all entered the house at the same time. The only thing that had happened to show anything was amiss was that the head of the huntsman had blown up. We got it out of the house and mom left it on the porch.

We asked her to get rid of it. We all took turns smashing the whole thing to bits with dad's sledge hammer. She swept up the pieces and put them back in the neighbors garden.

We found out later that the neighbors and the previous owner hated each other immensely. The man who had the house built was a city official and his wife hung herself in the carriage house after the house was built, they indeed had a butler.

Mom had the house blessed and marked all of the doors and windows with crosses, blessing the house in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There have been no further hauntings at the Third street House.

We have had other things happen to us over the years which I will post about at a later date. This one took it out of me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Got Tagged by :Rowan!

The rules say: List five songs that you are currently digging - it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words...or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions and the five songs (with artist) in your blog. Then tag five people to see what they're listening to.


1. Where've You Been? by Kathy Mattea (old song. heartbreakingly beautiful.)
2. Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson (give a Texas girl her props!)
3. Mr. Brightside by The Killers (love that song!)
4.Woman in Chains by Tears For Fears (Roland Orzabal whew~ his lower register makes the bones in my chest vibrate! love a good Baritone. It's better than cheesecake with hot fudge!)
5. Ave Maria Gounod's theme on a Bach Variation (one of my favourite songs to sing, in latin of course!)

Ok, I tag, Martha, Ivy, Sniffy, Thordora & Garfer.

Ok Ladies and Gems, It's time to Post!

I had thought about posting on the Ghosties(will do, probably later today or tomorrow.), a previous job that I absolutely HATED and something else that just flew right out of the head. Flpppssp, gone. The thing I am most excited about is that.....

Dave & I will be going to Austin, Texas on Friday and won't be back till Sunday evening! Yeehaw! This will be the last weekend for 15 weeks that we will be able to go anywhere, since Dave starts school on Monday. Hopefully, next semester he will not have to take Saturday classes.

Owen will be staying with my niecie-poo Shannon and her family. She's got a daughter who is just a year older than Owen and he'll have other cousins to play with too, so it should be really fun for him as well.

So with Owen taken care of we can have a great weekend of adult fun with our very good friend Dave! I'm going to get the guys take me dancing! And...we are going to visit some tattoo parlors. Get a little drunk, have some fun!

There is nothing I like better than hanging out with two men and being the only woman. Sounds sick, but I'm getting all the attention. Yes, I am an attention whore. It's a disease. I need therapy. More, more, more attention PLEASE!!! hehehehe. ;-p

Dave told me that we should bring our camera, so I should have some good pics to post. We'll see how much trouble we can get into without going to jail!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Opinion: The Lover Quiz

If you haven't read the previous post, then go look at it really quick and read the comments and come back. :-)

Your Seduction Style: Ideal Lover

You seduce people by tapping into their dreams and desires.
And because of this sensitivity, you can be the ideal lover for anyone you seek.
You are a shapeshifter - bringing romance, adventure, spirituality to relationships.
It all depends on who your with, and what their vision of a perfect relationship is.

True on all accounts.

I even do this with my friends. I like to pay attention to others needs and try to provide what they want or need, if it is in my power to do so.

I can be anything, from the shy demure lady to the back alley bitch! I guess that's part of what keeps Dave still interested. Not a bad thing after 15 years. What David wants, I can most assuredly give to him. He says that I still make him nervous after all these years. That's pretty powerful. I feel the same way about him. Ain't love grand! :-)

Heeeelllloooo Bloggerland!

Ok. So I have been asked by a few folks how the hubby and I met. Well, the answer is, we didn't. I was a mail order bride.

Just kidding!!!

In August 1989, I was starting my third year at a Jr. College taking as many courses as they would let me on a choir scholarship. It was as close to free as I could get. What did I care??? I'd changed my major from English to Psychology to finally Sociology. I actually have an Associates Degree in Sociology, what good it does, but I digress.

The previous year I was totally enamored of my friend Victor and a little bit of my friend Ron who had the makings of a concert Pianist.

Victor, I just loved to death. He and I were REALLY good friends. I wanted more, but I was the fat chick, so I didn't push it.

Ron was my drinking buddy and cruisin' pal. He lived two blocks from my house. I was 19-20 he was 25-26, can you say old enough to buy the booze! That was never really an issue in those days because my sisters would buy for me if I asked. So would others, just hand over the money and you're good to go! I spent a lot of time with Ron. ALOT of time with him. Anyhoo.

Since I've always been a "curvier girl" since puberty, the way I'd get a guy to like me is to become friends with them. We'd hang out, have fun, but I wouldn't push anything other than maybe a dance or two. Been doing that since high school, about Jr. year. Ah, Kevin Huron... anyway...

We are back in college now...
M-W-F during 12-1pm was Choir. Choir and Band had to share the same room so on T-Th Band had it during the Choir time and Choir had to go to another area of the Fine Arts Building.

The second day of school, I see Dave sitting out in the hall at the Band/Choir Hall. I'm cruisin' through the F.A.B with Victor and notice this hugely tall blonde haired blue eyed guy sitting on the floor in the tiny hall in front of the choir hall. I looked down at him and asked, "Are you waiting for sectionals?" He said, "yes." I said, "Follow me." I dropped him off at the right place and followed Victor out of the F.A.B. and we went to lunch at the student union building.

Blissfully unaware that Victor was gay, although I should have known. I didn't really notice Dave until 2 or 3 weeks later. He was like a cat. All distant and aloof, quietly watching everything, taking it all in like a sponge. I on the other hand was and still am to some degree, loud and brash, the center of all the attention, er...UNIVERSE! hehehe. You get the point...

Anyway, I had noticed this beautiful boy and chose to ask some of the girls that knew him about him. They all said the same thing, "Dave? Aw, He's a nice guy, really a nice guy." And he was and is a nice man to this day.

Now by the time I had noticed Dave, I'd notice about 3 other guys as well. Always keeping the options open. They were all in choir and one of them I carpooled to school with him and his sister. I loved Alan and Karlin! Great people! Well, people started to couple up and my friend Heidi liked Alan and he seemed to like her as well, so I zeroed in on Dave. Like a laser beam I was.

By the middle of September, I was inviting Dave to have lunch with the group that I hung with. He knew some of the people from his hometown so it was comfortable for him. Most of the time he sat there reading the newspaper while the rest of us chatted. Sometimes he would join in the conversation, but mostly he was quiet.

In October, there was the Texas Junior College State Choir Festival. I auditioned and made the choir. I roomed with 2 other girls, one of which knew David really well. I asked her about Dave and she thought that he wasn't interested. Hmmm, we'll see.

Later that month there was a dance at school. We had dances once a month. It was Halloween. I asked Dave if he was going. He said he didn't know. I told him that a bunch of the choir people were going and we could meet there if he would like to. The dances were always on a Thursday because we were a commuting college, very few students lived on campus. He said he'd have to ask his folks, but ok. Whew! I'm in, what now???

The night of the dance I was so nervous! I went to my friend Melinda's apartment, who was gearing up for a big date herself. ;-) I talked to her a little while, almost backed out of going to the dance, but Mel kicked me out of her place because her future husband was going to be there any minute. She handed me a beer and strange for me(I generally don't like beer), I took it to bolster my courage. I was on my way.

I dressed for the occasion. I was a "Lounge Singer" for Halloween. I had this really nice dress on, the whole schmere. I found my friend Heidi and she told me that Dave was looking for me. Here come the butterflies! She and I ducked into the bathroom to check the hair and make-up, make sure that the "girls" were standing at attention and looked good and to buy myself a little more time. Lookin' good, proceed. God I was nervous!!! First REAL date, ever!

So anyway, I find Dave and we talk a little. I ask him, what is your costume? He's dressed in a button down shirt with jeans, ROTC shoes, and a rust coloured sweater that had leather on the vest and a little blue button that said, "Save Gas! Fart in a money box." He told me that he was an ecologist.

We danced a few dances, couple fast, couple slow (Richard Marx, "Right Here Waiting" and Restless Heart "The Bluest Eyes in Texas"). I was so nervous that I couldn't stop my lip from quivering, but I was grinning like any idiot. Dave was smiling too, so I wasn't the only one.

I danced with others that night too. My usual dance partners asked Dave if they could steal me away and since he wasn't much on dancing, he agreed. Kept me happy. I was on the floor the whole night. One pooser actually thought he could try and cop a feel because my dress was off the shoulder a bit. I kneed him in the "happy place". I went back to dancing with Dave.

My male friends were curious about Dave because they didn't know him and I was dancing with this guy alot. So they all surrounded him and made me introduce him. We left the dance when it was over and he went home and I drove home as well. That was our first date. We had one date a month until February 1990. In March he asked me to marry him. Now THAT'S another story. In December of 1990 we were married. Been together ever since.

It's Been Awhile... ;-D

Your Seduction Style: Ideal Lover

You seduce people by tapping into their dreams and desires.
And because of this sensitivity, you can be the ideal lover for anyone you seek.
You are a shapeshifter - bringing romance, adventure, spirituality to relationships.
It all depends on who your with, and what their vision of a perfect relationship is.

You all have gotten to know me by now, do you think this is mostly correct? My opinion, tomorrow... ;-p

Monday, August 15, 2005

Which Is More Intriguing?

Ok. So not everyone who has a blog posts their pictures. Some people do, of course.

Those who choose not to post a pic, we get to know their minds and hearts(no matter how much they try to hide the later, it almost always comes out in the comments!) before ever "seeing" their face. So we have an Utopian ideal going on. "I've never seen his/her face, but he/she is beautiful/sexy, whatever the case may be.

Now, with those who post the pic, the illusion of the fantasy is gone or you now have a pretty/handsome face to put to the fantasy.

So which is better, being able to put your interpretation of the fantasy in your head or seeing their face smiling back at you in your head???

This Should be Interesting...

A lil game... snagged from Martha, who snagged it from Texas Ivy.

1) Put your name in my comments, and I'll respond with something random about you.

2) I'll tell you what song/or movie reminds me of you.

3) I'll pick a color/flavor of jello to wrestle with you in. (Maybe)

4) I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.

5) I'll tell you my first memory of you.

6) I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.

7) I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.

8) If I do this for you, you must post this on your blog. You MUST. It is written.

Now keep in mind that if I don't know you that well I may only be able to do one or two of them.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

This Morning

Well, I thought I'd write about something important this morning, but things just flew right on out of my head. There seems to be a craze of sharing 100 things about yourself on the net. I think I might give it a stab, not feeling terribly original this morning. Got kicked out of bed too early by, Dave, Owen and the 23 pound cat. Had to finish my sleepy-time on the futon. sigh...

So anyway the 100 things you probably knew, didn't want to know or don't really give a crap;-) about me. herewego!
1. I am a direct descendant from Charlemagne and Oliver Wendell Holmes.
2. I am a Christian.
3. I am a wife and mother.
4. I have a biting wit and a sick sense of humour.
5. I like to spell in the British English way.
6. I have brown hair that grows REALLY FAST!
7. Sometimes I can be so intense that I make people nervous or scared (trying to work on that).
8. I love my husband and son with all my heart, mind and every fibre of my being.
9. I can sing like nobody's business!
10. I'm a good actor and can dance pretty well.
11. I like the color pink. Soz Tina, it looks really good on me.
12. I am addicted to blogging.
13. I love to watch the Nickleodian cartoon "Danny Fantom". God help us all...
14. I love kids, especially teenagers.
15. Eventhough Owen is in the house with me, I am lonely much of the time.
16. I have 2 sisters and 2 nieces(one was adopted by my parents, so she's a sister legally, but she'll always be my niecy-poo) and 1 great niece.
17. Growing up, when we took a family photo, we would call it Charlie's Harem, because my parents had only girls.
18. I taught myself how to swim.
19. My husband rides a scooter and I think he looks sexy on it!
20. I haven't spoken to my parents since Paul died, about 1.5 months.
21. My new favourite show is Miami Ink on TLC Tuesdays at 9pm Central.
22. I want a tattoo that has a butterfly for my faith, a ladybug-because that's what my mil calls me and a Peace rose- because that's my mother's favourite flower.
24. Sometimes I just look at the computer screen and think.
25. I am a perfectionist and therefore, I don't get much done.
26. I try not to hold other people up to my personal standards.

27. When I was younger I hardly had any blemishes on my skin. Now that I've had Owen, I get them all the time. What's up with that???
28. I've been thinking about buying Proactive for a longtime.
29. I am a planner.
30. I love talking to people, but don't like calling them.
31. I have written several songs and children's books.
32. Someday, I will get them recorded or published.
33. I don't give myself enough credit for being a smart, effective, intelligent person.
34. The laundry area is in our garage. I hate it.
35. It's out of control!
36. I try my best to be a good wife and mother and often feel that I fall far short of my goals.
37. My husband never complains about me and I'm the luckiest woman in the world!
38. I don't get my dishes washed everyday.
39. I gripe way too much in my house.
40. Sometimes, my kid irritates the shit out of me. Does that make me a bad mother???
41. It sometimes alarms me that I can be incredibly attracted to other men.
42. But I always prefer my husband.
43. I am not a jealous person.
44. I love the phrase, "Dripping with disdain." I think it sounds good.
45. I love to say the words, Bocephus, outstanding!, Rufus and smashing!
46. I love to roller skate, not on in-lines, but with quads!!
47. When I win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes I'm gonna build my own private roller rink and skate all day long!
48. I've been entering the PCH sweepstakes online everyday in hopes of winning. Don't think i will, but it couldn't hurt to try.
49. I hate money. If I could, I'd barter for everything. I'll happily sing you a song for those groceries!
50. I am at the midway of this post and need to stop so I can do the !@#$%^& laundry!
51. My favourite church service is a funeral. To me it is a beginning, not an ending.
52. When I was a child, my mother's house was haunted and I saw 3 ghosts fully realised.
53. I see spirits to this day and know when a friendly or harmful spirit is near.
54. I hate this gift. It scares me.
55. I pray for God to take them away and he does.
56. I have ears large enough to keep my hair tucked behind them, but not so large that I look like Dumbo.
57. Dave & I saw the LORD OF THE RINGS exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science yesterday and it was FANTASTIC!
58. I give my heart too easily.
59. I need to wash my car.
60. I try to make my bed everyday and do most days.
61. I named by orange tabby cat after one of my daycare kids.
62. I worked in day cares for 7 1/2 years, all ages.
63. We used to fit 15 people in a minivan regularly.
64. I sell AMWAY!
65. I give voice lessons and am going to branch out in public speaking lessons as well.
66. I love to be on stage and speak, sing or act in front of people. The bigger the crowd, the better I like it!
67. I am a child of God, and whether you realise it or not, you are too.
68. I love all of the people I have gotten to know thus far on the ether.
69. I can't believe that I've gotten this far on this list...
70. My husband was my first and only, and vice versa for him.
71. I like it that way.
72. I decorate cakes and cookies and they always turn out very tasty and most of the time you can't see any mistakes! :-) WooHoo!
73. I love to cross stitch!
74. My husband made some saki, I tried it and it kicked my butt!
75. I played spades (card game) for a semester at college and get a 1.33 accumulative average. Parents were pissed.
76. The next semester I made a 3.85 accumulative average. Knew I had it in me. Besides, I had to keep the scholarship.
77. Sometimes I wish that I had magical powers to make things happen. Wishful thinking...
78. I love to hear Owen sing along with his VeggieTales in the car.
79. I am proud for David that he's going back to school to get a degree in English. I hope this time, this course of study will make him happy. Lord knows Electronics Technology didn't do it... pays the bills for now.
80. I love to hang with our friends Shane & Trina and their collective family.
81. I think my favourite people in the world are the ones I live with.
82. If faith is the belief in things unseen, then I have a whole lotta FAITH! :-)
83. I enjoy a good philosophical discussion.
84. Sometimes, I wish I could be a kid again.
85. I always try to stay positive. It takes too much energy to be negative.
86. I love to listen to old recordings of Julie Andrews and Karen Carpenter.
87. The Gershwin's wrote music for my voice.
88. People have told me that I have a voice like an angel.
89. Dave says my voice is smooth like butterscotch and rich like velvet.
90. I've signed up for a blogger add on that will allow me to leave a voice recording on my blog. I will sing for you and let you be the judge.
91. I procrastinate.
92. I love to stand outside and watch the rain, thunder and lightning.
93. Rainbows still excite me.
94. I love to use the English language descriptively.
95. The most beautiful sight in nature to me is a dark grey sky with trees that are lit from behind where I am standing, so that it looks like the green leaves are lit from within. The grey and green contrast is breath taking. Does that make sense???
96. I am extremely attracted to men with dark hair, dark eyes and fair skin with some facial hair. mmmm. Tasty...
97. I married a blonde haired, blue eyed German! Who'd a thunk it? He's tasty too.... ;-)
98. I enjoy all aspects of my husband and like men in general. I get along better with men than I do women.
99. It doesn't bother me that men have sex on the brain 96-98.5% of the time. It's just the way they are wired.
100. Here we are at a hundred. I'd like to say that just because a woman may be a "bigger girl", it doesn't mean that she can't have sex appeal. Not trashy, sexy. It's mostly a mental attitude anyway.

So there it is. I hope that I didn't bore you. It's taken a while, what with the laundry breaks and such. Now I will go take a shower and prepare for the day with the fam. Love to you all! m.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The 3 Variable Funny Test

Thanks again to Mr. Applwhite!

the Shock Jock
(57% dark, 42% spontaneous, 47% vulgar)
your humor style:

Your sense of humor is off-the-cuff and kind of gross. Is it is also
sinister, cynical, and vaguely threatening to the purer folks of this
world. You probably get off on that. You would cut a greasy fart, then
blame it on your mom, and then just shrug when someone pointed out that
she's dead.

Yours is hands-down the most outrageous sense of humor; you
like things
trangressive and hardcore. It's highly likely (a) you have no limits
(b) you have no scruples and (c) you have no job. Ironically, it's your
type of humor that can make the biggest bucks in show business.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Howard Stern - Adam Sandler - Roseanne Barr

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 88% on dark
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 22% on spontaneous
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 88% on vulgar
Link: The 3 Variable Funny Test written by jason_bateman on Ok Cupid

I wouldn't cut the greasy fart in public. That's just rude. I do have scruples. I don't always say the stuff that's in my head. Other than those things, this test was pretty well close. Try it out and let me know the results! :-)

Herge~ you are absolutely right about the size of the picture. Sorry this is such a mess, but I don't know enough html to fix it. m.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Interview: Mr. Applewhite

This is my new blog mate Mr. Applewhite (as I call him). He is a new blogger, but already seems to have a devoted following. mostly pretty young ladies I have noticed. Nothing wrong with that! He is a true "Southern Gentleman" from Atlanta, Georgia. He LOVES to take quizes! He's a very lovely, charming young man who has alot of self-confidence(you know, the good kind, not the annoying kind). :-) So let's see a bit about Ward!

1. How long have you been blogging?
Since Sunday July 24th.

2. Why did you start blogging?
I had a friend that told me about it, and said it would be a good outlet for me.

3. How many posts have you written to date?
I think 46. (That quite a few for bloggingless than a month!)

4. Which post are you most proud of and why?
The "Who are we really?" post. It showed that I do actually think and
that I am much more than just cutesy quizzes.

5. Who was the first person to comment on your blog –
outside of friends/family?
My first comment was from Jimmmer. I don't know who he is.

6. What would you rather have – less visitors but more
comments or many visitors but no comments?
More comments. I think I have a great core right now. Lots of cute
girls. I would like to see some more gentlemen post, but not too many.

7. Is there something you would like to post about on
your blog, but haven’t yet?
Tons of things, but haven't gotten the courage to do so yet. (We are all like this...)

8. Do your friends/ family read your blog?
They don't read it. My family is anti computer.

9. How many blogs are there in your links list?
I think 9.

10. Which blog do you check out first and why?
I like AP's blog because she cracks me up. If I could write a book
with anyone it would be her. She is very creative and witty...I check
all of my links daily because they are all so darned cute. I always
hope that they put up a new picture with each post.

11. Do you always leave comments at blogs you read?
Most of the time, but some are just too stupid to comment. There is a
lot of trash out there. (That's fo sho.)

12. What do you most like about other blogs?
I just enjoy reading what people have to say when they can do so
without being censored. I love real.

13. What do you most dislike about other blogs?
Hmmmm.... this is tough. I'll hold judgement a little longer...wait, I
hate that a lot of people hate their lives and seem depressed about
who they are instead of embrassing what makes them unique and cool.
Everyone just has to find their niche...we can't all be Brad Pitt and
Jennifer Anniston.

14. What single thing would you like to improve about
your blog?
More pics and more actual posts, but I have this quiz addiction. I
take like 3 a day. ( Yeah, you've gathered others into your underworld of Quiz Addiction! Yeehaw!)

15. What are your interests, hobbies, general likes and dislikes?
I used to run, but can't due to knee and foot issues. So now I golf a
lot and read even more. I truly think that one of my problems is that
I have to many interests. I read, write, paint, golf, play poker,
watch sports, work, play with my cat (Pica named after Picaso), cook,
eat, blog, take quizes, hang with friends, love to skinny dip, visit
with my family, watch sitcoms, read US weekly and plenty of men's
magazines, design my house I'm building, solve friends problems
without being asked to do so (oops sometimes)...I need to narrow it
down some eh?(Sounds like you are a well rounded person to me, imho.)

16. If you only had one day to spend with your family before you died,
what would you do?
Tell them how much I love them. Tell them the importance of being ok
with my death, that it was all part of God's plan and that they need
to use this in their lives as something positive to build a stronger
relationship with Christ and with one another...lots of hugs. (very nice.)

17. How did you find your interviewer?
I think you are smart and sassy. Very mature. I always feel like you
have something intelligent to add to a given topic...I may be
wrong...hahaha (You could be...depending on the day... That was not exactly the answer I was looking for, but I'll take the compliment!)

18. In a conversation about your blog, how would you like it described?
One word: Charming. (That you are, Sir!)

Can you also say who you would like to interview?

I can. I would like to interview all of my links, plus Bill O'Riley.
That smug ass hole. I would love to turn the tables on him for a
change. He thinks he is so smart because he got a grad degree from
Harvard...BIG DEAL. The only reason they let him in was because he was
a quazi-celebrity. The man started on "A Current Affair", how classy
was the smut show? I hate that man and would love to knock him down a
few pegs. (I bet you could!)

So this is my new friend Mr. Applewhite. Go give him some love! See ya 'round the old blog block!

I'm Nobody! Who Are You?

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us -don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

These words are so modern, yet they were written by Emily Dicksinson around 1850. I wonder what Emily would think of this day and age. She became a recluse and devoted all of her time to poetry and writing.

Coincidently about the same time that the Romantic era in music came into being. Follow the link, if you would like and listen to some samplings of Romantic Era music.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Own Brand of Therapy

Everybody has something that makes their spirit soar. Mine as you all know by now is music. I think part of why I'vebeen in such a sad place in my head is because I've been denying myself the joy of music.

I've been so concerned about annoying my family with my singing or not giving myself permission to just shut myself off in a room and just let the voice fly, that I've lost some of who I am. I used to just close my bedroom doors and sing for hours with the radio or cassette tapes when I lived at home with my parents. It never occured to me that they would mind. They didn't. Mom told me a few years ago that she missed her nightly concerts. I wouldn't sing until the tape was over. I'd sing for four to five hours at a time. I'd have several to choose from and put one in right after the other. I shared a bedroom with my niece for years and she said she missed it too, being sung to sleep by me and Boston, Def Leppard, Heart, Duran Duran, White Lion, Enya or Yaz.

I stopped doing that when I got married. I didn't think Dave would want to hear it. That was pretty stupid on my part. We met in choir, so it wasn't like he didn't know that I could sing well. He just recently told me that he doesn't mind when I sing in the dark. That's my very favourite thing to do, sing in the dark, nothing but you, the music and a rocking chair. No interuptions, just melody, beat, rhythm of the rockin motion of the chair. Fast, slow, depending on the speed of the song.

I discovered how much I miss singing with people who can really sing. The church choir gig is okay, but most of those people have never been properly trained. By this I mean, that they haven't been taugh to sit up straight, support from the diaphragm, breathe from the belly instead of shallow breathing from the shoulders. They won't sing out. The have either no technique or are just lazy. Lazy singers make me go mad! I love these people, but come on, have some pride in what you do!

This past weekend, we went to a friends son's birthday party. The usual crew was there. Our friends Shane & Katrina, their boys Andrew(5), Jacob(3), Shane's parents, Katrina's parents, Trina's sister, her hubby and their teenage daughter, Trina's brother and his teenage sons, Shane's sister, her hubby and their 2 kids, plus Sam(whose real name is Mark), Dave, Owen(4.5) & myself.

When we walked through the door, the usual pre-birthday party hustle and bustle was going on in the kitchen with all the women. Pretty typical for the south. The men were in the living room(which is an extension of the kitchen-open floor plan, really nice.) playing their guitars and Shane on the electric bass.

There was no room in the kitchen, so I went around to the LR to listen to the guys play. Then Katrina came in and picked up her mandolin and started playing along with them. She and her dad used to play at church revivals. There style was blue grass gospel. Really beautiful.

They were going through a song book and asking for requests, so I piped up and asked for "When Will I Be Loved". An old Buddy Holly tune that was remade by Linda Ronstadt in the 70's. Trina didn't know it and so she asked me to start it. So I did. When we finished, Trina's Dad said, "Girl, you've been holdin' out on us."

I took that as my invitation to join on in. I haven't been that relaxed or happy in years. Kids playing together, plenty of other adults in the place to watch them. Singing for about four hours with only one interuption for cake, ice cream and presents. Even Dave joined in. He's pretty good too.

Imagine if you will, an electric lead guitar, bass, acoustic guitar and a mandolin players and up to 5 singers all in perfect harmony. I had forgotten just how good we all sounded together. Sometimes I would sing the melody. Other times I'd sing harmony while Katrina or her dad had the melody. Then there was alot of it where Katrina and I would pick different harmonies to sing while her dad sang the melody. It was heaven or at least as close as I can get to it here on earth.

I didn't realise how much I missed that and them. Trina mentioned later that evening after the boy had to be stripped down to nothing because he was so dirty that he couldn't be put in the car without a bath(good times), that she was so happy to have somebody to sing harmony with her. I was too!

I told her in between one of the songs that we all needed to pack up and hit the road for the tour! Shane always said that if he ever toured to support his cd that he'd take all the musicians who recorded on it. That's me too! Back when we were all in school together Shane cut a cd and he asked me and others to perform on it. I sang back up in several songs.

I loved singing with a group who had never sung together before and having the sound be pheonominal with zero practice. If we all had sung together before then, imagine just how much better we all would have been. It boggles the mind, or at least my mind.

It was the best therapy session I've ever had.