Monday, March 27, 2006

Busy Days Ahead!

Well, the boy had his first violin lesson last Thursday. He really likes it. I'm pretty happy with it myself. He's got a 1/2 size violin from my friend that lives in New Mexico. We had it cleaned up and re-strung. It's a nice little instrument. We will have to get him a smaller violin, but when he outgrows the 1/4 size, he'll have the 1/2 size all ready to go.

He and I are really looking forward to this. We got him the Suzuki Violin Book Volume 1 and the corresponding cd that goes with it yesterday. He and I are practising his drills together;

We hold the bow straight up and say(in rhythm):
Up like a Rocket,
Down like the Rain,
Back and Forth like a Choo-Choo Train,
Round and Round like a Great Big Sun,
Up on my Head,
(looking at the hand posture) Curved pinky, bent thumb.

We do that drill 10 times, three days a week, so sayeth the violin teacher, I'm doing it 6 days a week. I told O that everyday that moma walks her two miles, he will have his violin practise. This way, we both get better, faster!

We also go over the parts of the violin and bow with a pat-pat, clap-clap rhythm.
"Where is the scroll?", "There is the scroll." etc.... When we get to the horse hair on the bow I ask him, "Where is the horse hair?" and he replies, "We NEVER touch the horse hair!". He loves that part.

Tuesday, I have a Roster Meeting for soccer. I'll get to see who is on my team, that is, if I have qualified the background check for coach. I'm sure that I will; I've been checked before and nothing has come up before AND I do even less "going out" than I ever did when I worked with kids back in the day.

I just hope that O and his friend Z are on the same team. That will make it fun for them and me because I really like Z's mom and she's agreed to be my Assistant Coach. It never hurts to have a partner in crime. ;-)

Well, I better get a move on, so I can get my walk in before I pick O up from School. He'll need his violin practise today! :-D

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Blog - A movie script Scenes 1-3

For those who didn't check out the previous entry, this is not real, I repeat, NOT REAL. Just having a bit of fun. :-)

Blog - A movie script - Opening scene


A Blog Script by Bloggers


Angry Chimp Productions

1. Ext. Space – Looking down on the Earth, spinning slowly in an airless void.


In the beginning, there was a word,

And then there were more words, and before long coherent sentences were formed with people asking; ‘What time is it?’ ‘Why did you hit me?’ ‘Does that come with Cheese?’ ‘Sorry I missed that, what did you say?’

And for a time that was great, but soon some folk wanted what they had been saying to be remembered, even after they were dead, so they wrote the things they said down, and some things they had just been thinking about.

And for a time that was great, but soon some folk got pissed off with no one paying them any attention so they had what they wrote published and got other folk to buy their words and thoughts.

Making some people rich, mostly the publishers.

And for a time that was great.

(The Earth starts to spin more quickly)

But then the Internet was born.

(Hundreds of shining lines form around the Earth, interconnecting, expanding and straddling from one side of the Planet to another.)

And everyone could write down their thoughts and have them instantly read by hundreds of strangers from all corners of the planet.

And no one had to pay any publishers a thing. Which made everyone very happy.

Everyone but the publishers, who moaned about this new revolution in publishing on their own little Internet diaries, or web logs, as they became known.

(Now strings of words can be seen forming along the lines that criss-cross the Earth, and as the words form so do the voices, speaking along with words. Not many at first, but as they touch an overlapping line they spawn new strings of words and voices with them – young voices, old voices, men, women, children. Voices and languages from every corner of the planet getting louder as more and more voices are added. Each overlapping the other)

July 3rd. Woke this morning with a slight headache, must have been all the tequila slammers I had last night…

Tuesday 27th March. She hit me again last night. I swore I’d leave if it happened again but I feel this terrible compulsion to stay with her, it’s like a sickness…

Monday. The bombing continued until the late hours. East Comer was hit, I fear for all those souls that huddle together there each night for shelter…

Friday 6th June. Why do all the old buggers decided to go for a drive during rush hour? I know for them it’s like midday, but for goodness sake, they should be banned…

September 27th. Tuesday morning. I write this with a great weight on my heart. Alas dear readers Amy finally told me why she has been so off with me...

Thursday. I hate my job. I cannot stand it any longer; I am taking a gun into work with me tomorrow…

14th April 2006. Whom does the PM think he’s kidding? It was only sixth months ago that he stated precise the opposite and now he’s trying to sell this nonsense as a frame work for a positive step forward…

Day 8. Buggaboo are the best new indie group around. I saw them down at the Garage and Crow and they totally tore through their set hyperactive energy…

Saturday 30th Feb. The scars from the operation are now fading, but I still cannot face let him touch me there. Is that weird? I just feel that part of me is missing…

(over the disembodied voices the main title card appears)



(The voices are so many now no single voice is distinguishable. Gradually one voice becomes clearer as all other voices fade away. This is the voice of Alice, a woman in her early Forties, divorced with two teenage children. She has the accent of a woman from the Midlands, Northampton to be precise).

So, I celebrate my 365th entry today. One-year blogging and what have I achieved? Finally got the official nod that me and Darren are no longer a functioning family unit. Could have told them that years ago. Lizzie is no longer my sweet little girl, but a petulant foul mouthed little madam, although her schoolwork is good. As for Dan, the less said about him the better.

One year on and what have I achieved?

(We pull away from the Earth with incredibly speed, the darkness of space being taken up by huge letters, quickly forming the desk top of a generic blogging tool. The Earth is now in the top right hand corner, spinning round to inform the user they are on line. We can see all that Alice has just said as typed prose. The arrow hovers over the publish icon.

And then more words are added, Alice reading as she types).

In fact, why did I start this blog lark in the first place?

(The arrow hovers back to the publish icon and becomes a little hand which punches down on the icon sending Alice's thoughts out for the World to read).


NEXT: Tina's turn.

(There are no rules here, the story can go in any direction you like - have fun).

Blog Movie, Scene 2: James and the cold gun
So, I celebrate my 365th entry today. One-year blogging and what have I achieved? Finally got the official nod that me and Darren are no longer a functioning family unit. Could have told them that years ago. Lizzie is no longer my sweet little girl, but a petulant foul mouthed little madam, although her schoolwork is good. As for Dan, the less said about him the better.

One year on and what have I achieved?

(We pull away from the Earth with incredibly speed, the darkness of space being taken up by huge letters, quickly forming the desk top of a generic blogging tool. The Earth is now in the top right hand corner, spinning round to inform the user they are on line. We can see all that Alice has just said as typed prose. The arrow hovers over the publish icon.

And then more words are added, Alice reading as she types).

In fact, why did I start this blog lark in the first place?

(The arrow hovers back to the publish icon and becomes a little hand which punches down on the icon sending Alice's thoughts out for the World to read).

2. James and cold gun
It is early-morning across the Atlantic and the camera pans across a city scape of tower blocks as the sun rises behind them. The lights flicker on in one window of an office block and the camera zooms in to show James putting his takeaway coffee onto his desk and then hand his coat and bag on the stand in the corner of the room. He turns on his computer, logs on. While his e-mails load, he starts his internet browser... the cursor flashes in the Google search bar, "Inbox" mimics this in glorious orange from the task bar.

"Fuck that. Just more crap that can wait for later". James concentrates on the web and navigates to his Yahoo mail account and checks his feeds for updates.

Sixteen new comments from Blogger this or that at [Cold gun]. He opens them in sequence:

Hey James, are you winding us up with this stuff or what? If any of this is true, you're a sick asshole... but I like you. I wish I had the guts to to that to my fucktard neighbors.

Yeah, I agree, shitheads.



Hey, great blog, I'm definitely going to bookmark you! You raise some really interesting points and you might want to come and read my blog on Dog hair extensions. It pretty much covers dog hair extensions and related stuff.

"Fucking spam cunts", he sighs and checks out the new post from Alice in England.

We see the reflection of James's PC in his spectacles, the pages scroll as he reads and talks to himself:

"Heh, heh, good old Alice. Yeah, come on Alice what have you achieved? Same old crap every day for a year; tell us what's really going on. You haven't achieved anything because you really don't want to. You're happy to whine on about your crap life, but you're never going to do anything to change it. You wanna change it? Perhaps James can help you".

The system clock shows 7.28. James moves the pointer to "E-mail me". Right click, "copy link location", paste into a new Yahoo message window. James starts to type.

Dear Alice,

I read your blog most days and I am fascinated by your everyday life. I just thought it would be nice to e-mail you rather than leave a lengthy comment on your blog. I hope you don't mind.

I had been in my last relationship for a number of years before realizing in a moment of clarity that it was all over and I wanted out, so I fully sympathize with how you're feeling right now. It is very difficult to take that big step and move out, but you'll be grateful when you do. Find strength in God and use the help of your friends and you'll be OK.

If you'd like to get in touch, please do, but I'll understand if you think it's weird and don't want to.

Take care,


The cursor moves to the Send button. Click.

7.39 He types into the address bar of the browser*, the page changes to one displaying a page entitled "You got a friend" above a photo of a burning house: fire appliances and ambulances are in attendance, a crowd of onlookers huddle together.

"Heh, heh. Dumb fuckers never do believe me".

(fade to black)

Blog – a movie script

Scene Three: Marissa knows James…

(The camera pans over to a typical starter neighborhood in a southern metropolis and settles on a house with a nice yard lamp and a single car in the driveway.)

Marissa wakes up the same way every morning to her child telling her “Good morning, mama!”. She gets up to make her French Vanilla Cappuccino mix that she gets from Sam’s Wholesale Club.

Marissa: “Mmmmm, this stuff is so good.” (taking a careful sip from her Carnival Cruise mug)

As is usual for Marissa, she turns on her computer and heads straight for her blog, She remembers that people used to just head over to the bulletin boards to talk to people on the net; that was over twenty years ago.

Marissa: “I’ve met some really nice people over the years…. And some really weird people…”

She loads up her blog and scrolls down her blogroll.

Marissa: “Who do I want to start out with today? Ummmm, let ‘s go see how Alice is doing. “

Marissa clicks on Alice’s blog and reads that Alice is have some family issues.

It’s a shame, she thinks. Marissa says a little prayer for Alice and her family and sends her this comment:

Alice, I’m so sorry to hear that things are getting worse. I hope that you and your husband will be able to work things out. If you don’t mind, I’d like to add you to my personal prayer list. Blessings…Pretty Kitty.

Marissa sees that James didn’t comment this time. He usually comments on Alice’s blog, that’s strange. “I hope he’s not contacting her, he’s a real piece of work, that one.”

Marissa thought about the message board days. Back then she was naïve enough use her initials as her handle thinking that no one would be able to figure out who she was and find her. Boy was she wrong.

She first met James about eighteen years ago on the message board for singles. She thought that he was smart and interesting; they seemed to have alot in common. She got comfortable with him, and really all of the people on the boards, but James in particular, sharing perhaps a little more than she should.

They had even met and went on a few dates, always meeting at the venue in seperate cars, very public and not going anywhere else. She thought that she was being smart about it. He said all the right things and made her feel special. She was special all right, his special target.

When she decided that she didn’t want to see him again, he got angry, angrier than what was called for. He was verbally abusive and he made threats to her safety, she was really scared. He soon found out where she lived and was “camping out” in front of her house. He would not leave her alone, not even after she filed a restraining order against him. He’d show up at her work and just “hang” out by the building or in the parking garage and leer at her or follow her to her car, always staying just 150 feet away, just as the restraining order stated that he had to. He’d go to the same church she went to and sit in the back and listen to her sing in the choir. He was everywhere Marissa was. She finally had to move to a different city where she started her life anew.

When she first started reading Alice’s blog and saw a commenter with the same handle as James’, she didn’t think anything about it. “Surely, he wouldn’t be using the same name after all these years…” You would have thought that someone that psycho would have changed his on-line name. I guess he’s not as smart as he thinks he is...

Marissa: “I really hope that this isn’t the same guy. Maybe I should warn Alice, she’s really vulnerable right now, a perfect target for James.”

(fade to black)

I choose Browen to continue the saga.

Blog - A movie script By Bloggers

I have been pegged to write scene three of Blog - a movie script started by our illustrious Angry Chimp. Cakesniffer has done scene two and I am currently continuing the story with scene three which should be published later today. Meanwhile, please check out scenes 1 and 2.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Well, I've Just...

Started my umpteenth excercise program. I just walked two miles with the Leslie Sansone "Walk Away the Pounds" dvd and I feel great! I love her tapes and dvd's. She's really positive and motivating. My goal is to walk the two miles every other day until I can walk them everyday for two months then see if I can gradutate to the three miles everyday.

I used to walk her three mile program everyday, but I was left with zero energy at the end. I think I pushed myself too quickly, got frustrated and quit. I'm going to take this one slower and try to keep this as a lifetime regiment.

If I'm going to try to keep up with those 5 year olds at soccer I need to be in much better shape. I don't want to lose face to a little kid or be an embarassment to the boy. So.... herewego!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Today is the Greatest Day I've Ever Known...

That song goes through my mind when I've had an exceptionally good day. Yesterday was one of those days.

I met Kyahgirl and Godless Mom at Katz Deli here in Houston. Kyah came down from Alberta on business and had some free time. I'm so glad that she invited me to meet her and GM. :-) I felt like I had known them for years. One neat thing we discovered is that we are all the youngest in our families. I'm sure that there is a social experiment in there somewhere. ;-)

This was my second time to meet someone from the blogs, the first time was a few weeks ago when I met Darl, also a wonderful person. It was suggested that we should have a get together of all our blogging buddies and have a weekend or something to hang. I'd love that!

It is really cool how we all have that immediate connection, like family, but without all the baggage. :-D I do think that it is time to meet more of my friends from the blogosphere; Ivy, TamWill, we need to hang some Saturday afternoon. :-)

So, what do ya say???

This Is One I'd Like to See

I've just viewed the trailer for The Libertine again. Ooooo, this one looks good. It's about the second Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot. He lived a life of debauchery and lusty wanton ways. Perfect for todays' movie goers! It doesn't hurt that it is starring Johnny Depp, mmmmm tasty in his own right. Anyway, Enjoy the trailer.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I don't know what is up with Blogger, but it is driving me CRAZY! Blank screens, screwed up blogs? What's the deal?????? At least I'm able to post now.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

My First Concert Going Experience!

I wanted to thank Garfer for reminding me of this when he mentioned " hairy men in tight trousers". It was a great time to be young!

I saw loads of men wearing spandex in the late 80's all on the same day. It was the "Monsters of Rock" at the Rice Stadium.

That was my first concert going experience. We had great seats, 3rd row, seats 21-25. Really excellent!

The bands were:
I can't remember who opened but this was the line-up
The Scorpians
And the headliners:
VAN HALEN with Sammy Hagar.

Metallica was so loud that they blew a transformer and no one could hear the Scorpians. They played Def Leppards' Hysteria while we waited to get the concert going again. Lots of toilet paper rolls were flying and plenty of weed being passed. I remember that one of my friends was freaked because she had to take a drug test for her Air Force physical the following Monday.

Everything turned out great, I got a major sunburn that day and their were lots of people at the concert that I knew, which was a shock. You don't expect to see people you know in a big city like Houston(it still suprises me.). They were all jealous that we had such good seats. Hey, what can I say, my mom came through with the goods. Thanks Mom! Ahh, the memories of youth... *sitting quietly with a small smile on my lips and a look of fondess in my eyes.*

Beats the hell out of what happened earlier today...

Slicks Streets and Sudden Stops

Well, today was a sucky day. This morning we had plans to go to the Children's Museum and meet our friends and their sons. O was all excited and i was too. We didn't have the little one today, so it was just the boy and me. I made our lunches and we piled in the car and were on our way.

That's when it went wrong. The weather was drizzly and the roads were slick. We were just two blocks away from the museum when I heard an emergency vehicle siren. I was in the process of stopping and my car kept sliding, right into the back of another vehicle. The airbags went off and there was smoke everywhere.

I checked on the boy to make sure he was ok. He was, so I checked on the other driver. He was ok too. Our cars had not that much damage upon first look. My left arm was burnt from the airbags and my right thumb is swollen, my back is sore and so is my right leg. I'm going to the doctor this afternoon. The officers suggested that the boy and I get checked out.

The airbags broke my windshield and there will be some structural damage as well. Thank God for insurance. I was quite fortunate that the police did not find any fault in this instance, probably because of us having to stop quickly for the ambulance. The other guy was holding his neck as soon as he got out of his car. He said he was ok, but then started holding his neck. Hopefully, he won't try to get more than what he is due. We'll see.

I'm just glad that the boy and I weren't hurt really bad. So much for the museum today. Perhaps we'll try it again next week.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Turns Out...

The events from yesterday in our normally quiet neighborhood unfolded thusly. I had previously stated that I had heard helicopters, gunfire and sirens; well two people were shot and 23 illegal immigrants were being held against their will in a human smuggling ring. They were all arrested and turned over to INS.

I sat there watching the news with my mouth gaping wide open while trying to talk to the mil on the phone. She was watching the same news program as I was. Their house was heavily featured in the background of Fox26 News, mostly because it was only 2 houses down from where all of this took place.

The people that had the ambulance at their house at the end of our street started the whole investigation, one of them was shot. Thankfully, no one was killed.
This whole thing really creeps me out, because we walk by those houses all the time to get to Dave's folks.

You know how when they get someone from the 'hood to speak on camera and they say that the neighborhood is usually quiet or nobody knew this was happening, that was all of our thoughts. We had NO IDEA that something like this was going on in our little neighborhood; perhaps that's why they chose our 'hood. Of course, we do have plenty of pedestrian traffic throughout the day because there are some apartments behind our subdivision. There is always somebody or groups of some bodies walking down Sandpiper, we just figured that they came from the apartments.

This is just wild and I am amazed that it happened and that no more people got injured than who did. Here's the link if you want the
AP version.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Good Grief! What's Going on in the Hood?

Eversince I woke up this morning there has been helicopter sounds over my neighborhood. Then sirens and much noise. About an hour ago I heard 4 gunshots, but thought that maybe it was someone hammering on a roof.


The mil just called and said that they have a bunch of police cars parked 4 houses down from them. Then I told her that a little while ago two ambulances and a firetruck were parked at the end of my street picking someone up and taking them away on a stretcher. They were sitting up, so that's good news.

Geeze! That's just too much action happening in our normally quiet little hood.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Holy Crap! What Have I Signed Up For????

Hey Y'all!

Friday night was a BLAST!!! Dave & I had a couples thing at church and afterwards we had a gallery showing to go to. When we got home, we found a very sweet note from our neighbor saying that her son couldn't keep the boy. What to do, what to do??? so, we took him with us.

It turned out really good. We got to meeet Darl & his other half and both were just as wonderful as I thought they'd be. :-) The art was great too. I like the way art makes you look at other things from a different perspective.

Saturday, I went to what was "advertised" as a "parents clinic" for soccer. Yeah, right... Sucker is in REALLY BIG RED letters on my forehead! Ha! I stayed anyway and listened to what the regional director had to say. Long and short of it is that I am going to coach my son's soccer team. **** EDIT**** I have volunteered to coach. They haven't accepted me yet, background checks and all... It should be fine. They said that we(the adults) aren't allowed to coach strategy or make it competitive. The kids can make this competitive, just not the coaches or parents. I'm cool with that. I really don't want to see a bunch of 5 year olds "going for the kill" on a soccer field. Throughout the time we were there he taught us how to play the game and do the practice drills.

He actually made us pair up and run the drills and play a game. I haven't run around like that since I worked with the kids at the church, about 9 years. I could barely walk yesterday and figured that the shocks in my shoes were shot. $50 later I have a better pair of trainers and hopefully I'll be getting in better shape.

He told the people who had 5 year olds that we had better join a gym, we have 3 weeks to get into shape because we would be chasing the ball most of the time. Holy Mole! Oh well, I wanted to start up the exercise anyway. I always sing better when I'm walking, better breath control.

So anyway, I'll have to let you all know how this goes. Meanwhile, pray that I get through these next few weeks without dying on the field and that none of the kids gets hurt. I don't want a soccer mom marching out on the field coming towards me with venom in her eyes. Eeek gads!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Taking a Break From Housework

I thought I'd take a little bloggy break from doing laundry & dishes. I don't have the little baby today, so I'm trying to be as productive as possible. It's a little easier with David home(he took the day off to get caught up on his studies.) because I feel like I want to show him that I really don't lay on the couch all day. ;-) He knows the truth. All he has to do is look at the house and he knows what I've done all day. Of course, I do play the part of the nanny, mommy and dutiful wife quite well, so he knows that I'm not quite the slug that I'd like to be.

Wednesday, after picking the boy up from school. I had it in my head that he and I should go visit his Gammie at the bowling alley. She plays in a seniors' bowling league and has practice on Wednesday and Thursdays. When we got there, we got a lane and the boy and I played two games. It was a blast! Of course they had to put up the bumpers, but that made playing that much more enjoyable for us. No gutterballs! Yeeehaaaawwww! His first game score was 74 and his second was 86, mine were 96 and 103. I was really proud for the boy. That was his first time playing a whole game. He did really well and the ball was 7 pounds, so it wasn't too light for him. He'd pick it up and heave it down the lane. :-) I wish that I would have had my camera with me. It was extra special because we got to bowl one lane away from Gammie. Usually they don't let little kids play next to the league players. I requested a lane close and told them his grandma was playing, so they let us be close-ish. It was a great afternoon with the boy and me.

Tonight is going to be busy and special! We have couples group tonight and a movie at church. Afterwards I'm have the next door neighbor boy watch O while we go see a blogging friend's artwork. Darl is a photographer here in Houston. I've been on-line to see some of his work and it is great. We can wait to see his work and meet him. :-) This will be my first time to meet one of my blogger pals in person. In a couple of weeks I'm going to get to meet Kyahgirl for lunch. She's coming down from Alberta for work and we will be doing lunch. Can't wait for that too!!

The boy should be starting soccer pretty sharpish. I have a parents meeting tommorow and have to have his shin pads, ball and water bottle bought by meeting time. Life just got busier, but I think it will be more fun as well. :-)

Well, I better get back to the housework before I lose my momentum, although, I DO have the iPod on shuffle so it's keeping the flow of songs going pretty well. I've heard two Matchbox 20 songs that are not played on the radio. I had no idea how much I would like them. Must keep that in mind...

Type to ya later! mhnforshort.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wow! I Actually Made It to 300

Who would have thunk that I would have 300 things to write about? Not me, that's for sure!

Now, I must give credit where it is due. Eventhough the sil haven't talked in months, she did get me started in reading blogs. I bearly knew what they were and had no idea how popular this medium of expression was. Of course, it was the hubby that said I should start my own blog. And well, D being the smart guy that he is, I took his suggestion and ran with it.

I mostly started this blog to get things off of my chest. I made a few mistakes a long the way. The first one was giving my url out to me friends and family. Really, I didn't think that anyone other than family and friends would read my blog, after all, who am I to think that others would be interested in ANYTHING that I have to say. The next one was letting other people dictate what is on my blog. If I've said it once, I've said it at least three times: if you don't like reading what is on this blog, then don't. (I wanted to find the post that said that, but I couldn't find it to link. Blast! ) I'm done trying to please others because it just can not be done.

I must say that I was pleasantly suprised at what I did find when I started to seek out other bloggers. I started this journey back in April of 2005. I was deeply depressed and angry; looking for a way to get my emotions out and still get to keep a roof over my head. I did this as much for my family as I did for myself.

A really neat thing happened along the way, I met some really fantastic, loving, generous and kind people, who today I am proud to call my friends. Who would have thought that the people I most enjoy spending time with would live in other counties, in different countries and around the world on other continents besides the one I live on? Blogging has afforded me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and many different circumstances.

Many people who "know" me in real life don't understand the whole "blogging" thing. They think that it's a bunch of housewives that have too much time on their hands and are bored, so they sit on the computer all day and gossip. Certainly, this activity can be found on the blogosphere, but that's not what I've been up to. At least I hope that's not what I have been up to.

There are some posts that I am so proud to have written such as posts about the Right Wing and Harry Potter, Ode to a Sweet Kitty, On A Serious Note, and some of the posts that I've written about how God has changed my life and how I struggle on a daily basis. Not being perfect, I tend to struggle quite a bit. Also, I had written several posts on how or why God wants us to spread the good news.

I have found a sort of balance on the blog, I think. Of course lately, I've been really busy with the little baby I keep and the boy being in school. I don't have as much time to write as I would prefer, so I try to fit it in as I can. I did manage to put in a few fun things along the way, such as this, this, this and that.

So anyway, this is just a sampling of what I've been up to for the last 300 posts. If you all keep reading, I'll keep writing. Please don't be strangers, just strange ;-).

Much love AND affection to you all!!! mhnforshort.