Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's Almost Midnight

And what am I doing instead of sleeping? Reading everything I can about Harry Potter!! I'm having HP withdrawls!

The 5th movie AND the 7th book won't be out until 2007. I've read all the books written at LEAST 3 times each AND I have the movies. They just aren't cutting it anymore. Besides which, I am currently reading Gospel, by Wilton Barhardt (great read, by the way) and have plans to read, "The Devil Wears Prada" after reading Gospel for the second time.

Ugh, I need to go to bed. I'll try this again later, when my eyeballs and hand have better co-ordination.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ho Ho!

Well, I feel pretty accomplished so far today. It all started Saturday. We (the hubby, the boy & the mil) went to Wal-Mart to pick up some essentials. One of the major things on the list (I always shop with a list) was a shower head attachment for our hand held shower.

The attachment has had a crack in it for months and I've used my hair clips to hold it up. The clips did an okay job, but periodically they would break and the whole shower head would fall on me. Not fun. I had had enough, so we spent a whole $5 on the assembly and Teflon tape.

When we got home I read the directions and disassembled and re-assembled the whole thing. Now my water pressure is better too. The process took five minutes. I don't know why we held off for so long. I would have had the hubby do this for me, but he was out in the garage making a light bulb outlet into an electrical outlet so that we can put up some fluorescent lighting in the garage. Perhaps now we will be able to see better out there...

Yesterday we went to the old home town and visited with a close friend of mine. We traded clothes from our closets and our families had a nice lunch and visit. Then we saw my eldest sister and niece for a bit. She has nine hound dog puppies. The are really cute and unusual looking. A few of them have stripes & two look like they were dressed up in camoflouge. Same colours and everything. Pretty cute.

Last night was the start of Vacation Bible School at our church. It's always loads of fun. :-)

This morning, I went through the clothes and found a shirt for me and one for the mil. The rest is going to CCSC along with a bag of maternity clothes leftover from my pregnancy with the boy. I hope that someone can use them. :-)

It's nice to get the extra stuff out of the house. Sometimes, I feel like I'm drowning in crap. It's not junky stuff, just things we don't use anymore and haven't gone through. My next big project is to go through the boys baby toys. That will take some time because I'm going to clean out his closet as well so his toys can live in there instead of 'out-in-the-open'. Wish me luck!

I walked my three miles, fed the boys and am about to push through another load of laundry, take a shower and take the mil to a dr. appt. (check up) and drop off the stuff at CCSC. After that I should be done with busy stuff until dinnertime. Wooo Hooo! Lucky me! Actually, I am quite lucky and blessed. I know that not everyone can say the same.

God's blessings to you all! mhn for short.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

So Far This Week

So far this week I've only walked two days, Monday & Tuesday. I've had pasta three times this week AND am going to have it again tonight. At least I'm cooking at home instead of eating out. I've been eating really badly this week and this past weekend. I've been munching on dry roasted peanuts and honey roasted mixed nuts. Normally, I don't do this, but lately...

I've been dealing with petty shit in my head, so I guess it's gotten me a bit off track. I'll probably take my walk late this evening, seeing as there is nothing decent on tv. I'll be trying to work off the food I ate today.

Man, I hate feeling like this.

Monday, June 19, 2006


A Baptist Preacher was seated next to a cowboy on a flight to Texas. After the plane took off, the cowboy asked for a whiskey and soda, which was brought and placed before him. The flight attendant then asked the preacher if he would like a drink. Appalled, the preacher replied, "I'd rather be tied up and taken advantage of by women of ill-repute, than let liquor touch my lips." The cowboy then handed his drink back to the attendant and said, "Me too, I didn't know we had a choice.."

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Theory

Ok. So I have this theory. It is not founded by any proof AND there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF OF THIS IN THE BIBLE.

Here it is:
When you die and go to Heaven it is a wonderful, SINGULAR experience.

When you go to Hell, we are all going together in a party bus!

That's my version of purgatory. You'll be sitting beside the person that you despise the most for ALL of eternity and THEN you'll get to roast in the pits of HELL with that said person.

Ok, so that's my theory. Take it or leave it.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Clean Clothes at Last!!!

Clean clothes, clean towels, an empty(almost) closet; WOW I've been busy!

On Monday, the part for the washer came in and we had to wait until Thursday for the technician to replace the bad part with the new one. Thank heavens it worked!

Thursday at 12:30am the boy came in with ears hurting. The hubby took off of work to take him to the doc as I needed to be at home to watch the baby & wait for the repairman. Sure enough, the boy had a slight infection in both ears. He was so afraid that he wouldn't be able to be in the wedding, but I told him that he would be on the anti-biotics for a full 24 hour period, so he would be ok by the time of the wedding.

The repairman came in and fixed the machine. Boy was I HAPPY! The first load was towels, the next was casual clothes for the whole fam, then work clothes for the hubby. Now I'm just working on the pile. It's getting there.

I cleaned out my closet yesterday. I've lost 2 dress sizes by walking and am getting rid of my giant clothes. I never want to go back to that size again. If I don't have clothes to grow into, then I won't. I'm passing them to a friend and the ones she doesn't want/need she can give them to the Red Cross or some other charity. I can't believe how nice it is to have my clothes take up less than half of the closet. I also cleaned out two trunks and my drawers as well. Now, I actually have room for my clean clothes. Three bags and counting. Of course, one bag was my maternity clothing. That bag is going to a shelter or CCSC.

I was also pleased to discover that I have enough clothes that fit (not all new) that I won't have to go on a shopping spree. Yea! Trying to save money over here.

Now as I wash the clothes, I'm going through them and setting aside all the big clothes for charity and putting away the rest. Pretty soon I'll be able to shop in the skinny chick section. It's almost too bad because I really like the clothes at Lane Bryant, domage...

And a Good Time Was Had By All...

Our pastor's daughter got married on Friday night. I sang 5 solos and lead the congregation in one hymn and the boy was the ring bearer.

It was a beautiful wedding, candles lit the church and at the reception the chocolate fountain flowed. I forgot to have the hubby take a picture of me all gussied up, but the photographer is a member at our church, so I might ask him if I could buy a copy of the pictures that he took of me and the boy.

Most of the people at church didn't even recognise me at first glance, then they realised it was me and went ga-ga. :-) It was a really major departure from my normal appearance.

The music went really well, compliments were made to all of the musicians. It was a lovely service.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ahhh, Saturday Morning Activities...

Ok, so here we are on a lovely Saturday morning. Things I SHOULD be doing:
Paying the bills (YIKES!)
Doing the dishes(oh wait, the hubby already did those, Yippee!)
Doing laundry (can't, washer still not operational. Blast those people at SEARS!)
Cleaning house (Are you kidding? Why would I want to do something as mundane as cleaning the house????)

So, what AM I doing besides blogging this fine day in Hurricane season? I am getting ready to make the Pre-Service Music for our Pastors' Daughters' wedding. She has picked out some really lovely songs. We will be playing the four most popular movements from each of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Happy Ending from the Little Mermaid soundtrack, Wedding Cantata #6 from Bach (We are Lutherans, we have to have Bach SOMEWHERE in the music...), and of course Air on the G by Bach and various other beautiful compositions that are usually associated with wedding music.

I'm also working on my 5th solo for the shindig, Butterfly Kisses. She wants me to sing it when she and her dad have their dance. It's going to be sweet, although since it was written for a man, I'm not really sure if I should sing it in my female range or if I should sing it in my lower chest voice. I've got to get the hubby to sit still long enough so he can listen to it both ways and in both keys, so he can tell me which sounds better. It's really nice to have a person who will tell you the truth and not just say, "Oh, they both sound great..." I've got all of the other solos down pretty well cold, so they just need a little polishing.

I'm also going to have my hair done. I'm pretty excited since I don't do this very often. The last time I paid someone to put my hair up was in 1999. I didn't want to spend the $50 bucks to have it done (trying to save money here.), but the hubby decided after trying to help me do my hair that in order to save our marriage, we should spend the $50 bucks and have someone else do my hair. He was right of course. I am WAY TOO PICKY about my hair and like to have it "just so" for special occaisions. I'm picky about it for everyday, too.

Anyway, with hair, make up and clothes; I'll look very nice, almost as good as I hope to sound. I'll have to get the hubby to take a picture of me "all-decked-out", so you guys can see that I can clean up well. ;-)

I better get movin'; burnin' daylight!!